5 Reasons You Should Have A Septic Riser Installed:

You may be wondering what a Septic Riser is and the benefits of having one installed. To start, a Septic Riser is a component at the top of modern septic tanks that extends a pipe vertically from the tank to ground level, making the location and access of the septic tank easy. Risers are made of plastic or concrete and have become standard installations on new homes over the past 20 years. However, your septic tank will likely not have a riser installed if you have an older home.

If you haven’t had septic problems, you may wonder why this is even an issue. Read on to find out more about problems that can be averted with the installation of a septic riser.

1. Avoid Paying Someone to Find Your Tank

Knowing your septic tank’s location can save you money if you have a septic emergency in your home. Getting this out of the way can help you avoid searching your yard to access your tank with a septic professional.  Since older homes were built with different regulations, only some have a blueprint of where their septic tank is buried on the property. One of the immediate benefits of installing a septic riser is that it avoids questioning your septic tank location.

2. Ensure Quick & Easy Access to Your Tank

When your septic specialist arrives to pump or service your septic tank, they will need visual access to it to determine its current quality and assess if any repairs are necessary Having an easy access point with a riser will make this process quick and painless, especially during certain times of the year, when gaining access to the septic tank can be even harder, as we will cover next.

3. Never Lose Your Access Point in The Winter

By having a septic riser installed at your home, you can avoid severe problems with the location and maintenance of your septic tank. This becomes especially important during the winter when snow-covered and frozen ground makes finding and digging up a septic tank difficult and expensive. If your septic service specialist has to locate your septic tank randomly in the winter, they may need to dig in numerous locations throughout your yard to find your septic tank. However, this is often enough to offset the cost of a riser installation, which will only cost an average of three to four hundred dollars.

4. Reduce The Cost of Your Septic Maintenance

The lack of a septic riser can lead to a more costly septic service. The average septic tank and “lid” will be buried on average between 4 inches and 4 feet below ground level. This means that unless you are on the more shallow end, heavy equipment will be required to dig up soil above your septic tank to gain access to it. This will come with other landscaping costs just to return your yard to normal after your septic repair.

5. Always Have A Visual Reminder of Your Septic Tank

Having a riser installed will ensure you have a visual surface-level reminder of your septic tank. Since most septic issues arise from a lack of occasional professional inspection & repair, simply remembering that you have a septic tank that needs professional maintenance can save you thousands on preventable repair costs. 


Installing a septic riser will pay for itself, given the current average emergency septic maintenance and repair cost. Contact a local septic professional to clarify your septic system location or riser installation requirements.

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