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Without a septic tank riser, inspecting and pumping your septic tank can be a real pain. Unfortunately, many older septic tank models are installed without septic risers, which means many homeowners aren’t sure where their septic tank is. A complete Riser installation is essential to a quality septic system.

      During inspection and pumping appointments, homeowners unaware of the location of their septic tank are left with three options:


  1. Consult public records to find a detailed map of their property.
  2. Dig up their yard.
  3. Pay their plumber to dig up their yard and find their tank.

These problems can all be eliminated by installing a septic tank riser.

What is a Septic Tank Riser?

A septic tank riser is a plastic, concrete, or fiberglass pipe that extends vertically from the septic tank to ground level, providing direct and easy access to your septic tank. A lid is placed at the top of the pipe and is left exposed for easy detection.

3 key benefits of a septic riser Installation include:

  • No more digging: After your tank riser installation, you can enjoy never having to dig up your yard for an inspection or plumbing service again!
  • Saves money: Most plumbing companies charge a lot of money to find your septic tank during an inspection appointment. A septic riser helps your plumber locate your tank immediately, so you never have to worry about extra charges.
  • Saves time: Searching for your septic tank can take hours. A septic tank riser eliminates the need to search through your whole yard, saving you tons. oftime whenever your maintenance appointments pop up.



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