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A septic system will work as intended with regular cleaning and pumping. Regular pumping and cleaning will prevent costly repairs and keep your yard clean without any unpleasant interruptions. Note that a yearly inspection is highly recommended for any system. Our team will ensure your lines are clean and pipes are maintained with our pumping and cleaning services. A thorough pumping will ensure that your septic system works optimally with minimal need for repairs or maintenance. 

When you invest in regular pumping and cleaning of your septic system, you will save yourself thousands of dollars in costly repairs for your system. Rapid Rooter is local to the Chattanooga area and we love to serve the surrounding areas. We offer competitive rates and ensure you will think we performed a 5-star job.

Note that if an odor is detected, or if you see your septic tank slowly draining, it is highly recommended to schedule a cleaning as soon as possible to prevent further issues. Also, older systems might need to be cleaned and pumped more regularly compared to newer models.

Although some folks delay their regular septic pumping, it is not recommended if you want to save money in the long run. A lack of routine maintenance may result in costly repairs, an impact on the health of your family, and problems with properties around your home. 

You can consult our experts to determine how often your system should be pumped and cleaned in order to avoid any unnecessary messes. During each inspection, we’ll arrive on time, make a professional analysis, and perform a 5-star job.

Although one might not consider pumping before a large event, it is highly recommended. The unexpected flow of wastewater may trigger backups, and clogs, resulting in further repairs. You can always contact us at Rapid Rooter for a professional opinion to make sure your event goes as planned.

Occasional heavy rainfall in Chattanooga and surrounding areas may create issues with your system. Mud created by rainfall may clog your septic system and prevent proper drainage. A septic pumping will help free any debris from your system to ensure it works as intended without any problems. Call our experts at Rapid Rooter today and we’ll be glad to help.



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