Do you suspect your septic tank system has issues and experiencing problems?

The good news is that the sooner you are able to diagnose the issues with your septic system, the quicker the problem can be solved. Properly checking your septic system for any issues will save you money and a lot of headaches in the long run. So let’s dive into it! See below for common problems associated with septic systems for homeowners in the Chattanooga area.

Septic Tank System Backup:

When a septic system is clogged or backed up, you may notice that the wastewater will no longer enter the tank. Sometimes sinks, toilets or other pipe openings in the home will back up with wastewater or not drain properly. Wastewater will stay in the pipe and not enter the septic tank, causing a backflow of wastewater into the home. There are a number of issues that may cause this issue. 

Tree Roots:

Trees and other foliage may penetrate the pipes, especially older clay piping. The roots will damage and break pipes, causing blockages and backup. To solve this problem, preventable maintenance is best. Avoid planting any foliage near the drainfield and choose the drainfield location properly. Invasive foliage is common in the Chattanooga area, so tree removal may be necessary to prevent further issues. Rapid Rooter is prepared to deal with any problem that homeowners in Tennessee and Georgia may encounter. Book a consultation today and we can assess if there are any issues arising from tree roots or foliage with your septic tank system.

Hydraulic Septic System Overload:

Septic systems are designed to disperse wastewater into the drainfield and are designed based upon the amount of wastewater flow and occupants in the home. If you recently had a party, or used a large amount of wastewater, then it is possible that your septic system is taking longer to drain than usual and causing hydraulic overload. Plan accordingly for events and try not to have multiple appliances running at the same time, as this can back up your system. A proper inspection can determine what your home is rated for and recommendations to avoid any backups. 

Chemicals & Foreign Solids in Septic Tank:

Septic systems are designed to break down waste water and septic-friendly toilet paper. An occupant of the household may flush down toilet paper that is not rated for septic systems will cause problems and backups. A septic pumping will do the trick to remove any foreign solids that don’t belong in your system, and it is the only way to remove them. Be careful which chemicals are washed down your drains, as this can cause irreversible damage to your system. If you think any of these issues has occurred, it is highly recommended to get an inspection and stop the problem before it gets worse.

Heavy Weight of Machinery:

Before you start a construction project or drive near the drainfield or location of where your septic tank system is buried, make sure it is marked clearly to avoid future issues. Placing heavy weight over the location of septic components can compact the earth and rupture pipes or even your septic tank. If abnormal weight has been applied to the surface of your septic system, get an inspection immediately to diagnose any damage.

Drain field Issues:

There are a number of signs that will tell Chattanooga homeowners that you are experiencing problems with the drainfield. The drainfield is designed to disperse wastewater back into the earth, absorbing and preventing the system from backing up. When issues with the drainfield occur, it can cause damage to the property and potential health hazards may arise.

Unusual dampness:

If the ground is soggy, this is an apparent sign that the drainfield is not working properly. In the Chattanooga area, rainfall may contribute to dampness, but any soggy ground is a cause for concern. The drainfield pipes might be clogged in a particular section or even broken.

Bright colored grass:

If the grass is unusually green or light, this can be an indication of excess water that is not draining properly. Usually, this sign is apparent before seeing the pooling of water. Addressing the issue with an inspection can prevent further damage, and expenses incurred in maintaining your septic system.

Foul odors from Septic Tank:

You should not be able to smell any septic stenches. If you do, the water is not draining properly and is accumulating on your property. This is a health hazard and can be addressed with a professional company, such as Rapid Rooter.


Regular septic pumping and inspection will help you avoid the costly pitfalls of a failing septic system. Rapid Rooter has years of experience servicing the Chattanooga area with their septic concerns. Don’t hesitate to call us right away if you suspect your septic system is experiencing abnormalities or problems. We might be able to address the issue before it becomes a bigger issue. Our staff is experienced and trained to provide honest consultation, whether there is additional service needed or simply free advice. Contact us today for a free inspection, our #1 is your #2!

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